Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All about Cobus Potgieter

Drum boy hotness!

Cobus... Famously known worldwide for his drum boy talent Is hitting kiterjedt...

For those who doesn’t know Cobus yet... Here’s a short info why we, from kiterjedt, decided to blog about this “drum boy hotness...”

Would u believe that this drum prodigy is not a professional? No drum lessons of somewhat. He has been playing since 2002... How he learned to play drums? Simple guys... inborn talent, real interest, his passion for beats and his upmost confidence… as he said” i have a never-ending desire to be the best i can possibly be.”

Cobus got famous from YouTube, people all over the world admired his talent.. As he plays as if it’s just him and his drums.. Currently, he is being sponsored by Udrum Audiosure, Music connection and SMG Africa.

Ohw.. The vids u see about him? That’s his eager desire to show us guys how he can play... he just borrows his equipments at but now he has his own recording equips... He, himself, records, mixes, directs, performs and edits every single drum stroke in every angle frame u see...

Ohw,. Recent posts? His Micheal Jackson collection drum cover... This rocker shockingly is an MJ fan too! ohw.. Check out... Great escape by boys like girls... One of my favourites...

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